Support Science Education

Community Scholarship Program

We are asking businesses and individuals to support science education by providing scholarships for young adults in their communities. Your community may be children of your employees, the town where your office is located, or any other group with whom you may be affiliated.

There are two 10-day sessions with each session having 36 available spaces. You may choose to offer scholarships for any number of spaces. You may also want to consider including scholarship funds to cover the camper's transportation costs to and from camp. Each scholarship offered may be for partial (minimum $500) or full tuition ($2,395) for one space in one session.

How Our Program Works

Option 1: We Choose the Recipient

We will provide a secure web site scholarship application form allowing potential scholarship winners that you have invited to provide the necessary information online. We will also provide template newsletter copy that you can include in your company newsletter or on your company website.

Once the application period is closed, you have one of two choices:

  1. We will send the applications to you and you can award scholarships using any method or criteria you choose (see Note below).
  2. We will send the applications to Science Camps of America’s scholarship committee who will award the scholarships based on Science Camps of America’s criteria.

Option 2: You Choose the Recipient

You may select any qualified recipient to receive the scholarship using any means you choose (see Note below).


Any criteria used by any party to award scholarships must be free of discrimination on the basis of race, gender, religion, or creed.

Getting Started

To learn more about offering a Community Scholarship Program please contact us.

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