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Why a Science Camp for Teens?

Michael Richards

Michael Richards

Founder and Executive Director

Before starting Science Camps of America, Michael Richards was the founder and president of HI-Tech Smart Systems, Inc., a software company based in Hawaii that provided specialty property management software to thousands of companies in over 20 countries from 1983 until its sale in 2010.

Michael started Science Camps of America with the goal of providing a great opportunity for teenagers to get out and ‘do’ science. “I was inspired to start Science Camps of America in what was truly a “walking in the woods” moment. I was hiking with my grandchildren and realized that sharing my love of nature and science with those two boys was just the best thing ever. And if I loved sharing it with them, and they loved learning it, then why not do the same for more young people?”

Michael is also a Global Volunteer for The Planetary Society and a member of the Hawaii Medical Disaster Assistance Team (DMAT).

Michael Richards studying lava up close

Sheri Richards

Sheri Richards, R.N., B.S.N.

Founder and Director for Health & Safety

Sheri Richards co-founded Science Camps of America as Director for Health and Safety. Sheri has more than 20 years of experience as an Emergency Room nurse, and has served at various ER posts including Emergency Department Manager, Charge Nurse, Emergency Preparedness Readiness Instructor, Code Blue Team member, Disaster Management Subcommittee member, and Rapid Response Team member.

Sheri, a graduate of Hawaii Pacific University, holds certifications in Basic Life Support (BLS), Advance Cardiac Life Support (ACLS), Pediatric Advance Life Support (PALS), Crisis Prevention Management Response (CPMR), Medical Preparedness and Response to Bombing Incidents, and Advance Burn Life Support (ABLS). In addition, Sheri is an active member of the Hawaii Disaster Medical Assistance Team (DMAT) and has worked on disaster response initiatives for APEC, RIMPAC and other exercises.

Sheri has brought her vast emergency response experience to the setup of the camp's health facilities, documentation standards, and health and emergency procedure policies and will also be training and supervising staff in all health-related matters.

Floyd W. McCoy

Floyd W. McCoy

Founder and Director for Education

Professor Floyd W. McCoy grew up on sugar plantations in Hawaii, in the midst of erupting volcanoes and tsunamis. As a native of Hawaii, he has studied volcanism there in relationship to the construction of a Hawaiian island, as well as to contemporary issues of living with natural disasters.

As one example, his home town of Hilo was destroyed twice by tsunami; as a child he outran another tsunami. He studied under Hawaii's foremost volcanologist earning both BS and MS degrees from the University of Hawaii. This interest was taken to the Mediterranean and Aegean Seas in studying the huge mega-eruption of Santorini in the Late Bronze Age, earning him his doctorate at Harvard. Research continues on this catastrophic event and its consequences - regional ash falls, tsunami, climate change, earthquakes - on Mediterranean cultures and particularly on the demise of the Minoan civilization.

These studies define a new field of research - geoarchaeology - with investigations in the field at archaeological sites or by computer modeling of the effects of such catastrophes on ancient cultures. Dr. McCoy is currently Professor in Geology and Oceanography at the University of Hawaii's Windward campus, and has been visiting professor at the Universita di Milano, and at the American School of Classical Studies at Athens; in 2007-2008 he was a senior Fulbright Scholar to Greece.

Professor McCoy explaining Hawaiian island creation

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